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Golden Angel - Pat Kirby

Pat is an animal lover extraordinaire and currently counts three amazing creatures as part of her family ~ a horse named Austin and two Goldens, Teddy and Aslyn #2285. Aslyn came from Istanbul and she is doing amazingly well and it’s as if she has always been a part of the family. Pat has had five other Goldens in her family over the years including Boomer #252, Miko #308, and Woody #1161. Over the years, Pat has helped GR wherever she can, including volunteering at events and at the golf tournament, selling Wishbone Lottery tickets, and planning and organizing the Pickering Markets booth with great panache. She finds working for GR rewarding and really enjoys giving back and making a difference. Pat has sure made a difference by helping GR since she joined the team and we are so grateful to have her in the GR family.