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Luck Meets Love in Midnight Madness to Rescue Golden Retrievers from Istanbul, Turkey

BARRIE, ON, March 9/10, 2017 – Golden Rescue™, Canada’s largest single breed rescue organization, is unstoppable when the lives of Golden Retrievers are at stake.  To date, this organization has rescued more than 2,500 Goldens, 182 of which have been from Istanbul, Turkey.  While plans were in place to continue this ambitious rescue effort , transporting Goldens directly from Istanbul to Toronto, flight routes unexpectedly changed so Golden Rescue came up with Plan B.

On Thursday, March 9th and into Friday March 10th, 18 Golden Retrievers will be trekking by plane, truck and car to their forever families in Ontario – just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.  With the luck of the Irish on their side, Goldens named Finnian,  Liam, Clancy, Bree and Fergus will touch down at JFK International Airport, New York (on March 9th) where they will be picked up by an animal transporter who will drive them to Ontario, arriving at approximately 1:00 - 2:00 A.M. on March 10th at Pickering Markets, 1400 Squires Beach Rd. Pickering, Ontario. This group will include the 200th Golden rescued over the course of this mission and at the end of their 24-hour journey, they will be greeted by their forever families and Golden Rescue volunteers, pumped on coffee and revelling in leprechaun hats. 

Golden Rescue Board Chair, Viive Tamm explains, “Golden Rescue is well known for going the extra mile to rescue any Golden Retriever in distress.  When our air carrier changed its flight plans, we were determined to continue our rescue mission in Istanbul . Our organization is built on the principle that rescue has no borders and we do what it takes to ensure the safety and well-being of every Golden in our care, often requiring us to think differently, expand our resources and stretch our imagination.”

 This is a story about luck and love – about the endurance, flexibility and resiliency of 18 Golden Retrievers who will have the adventure of a lifetime to find their forever families and the vision, resolve and tireless dedication of a large group of volunteers who will continue to innovate and make inroads to rescue those who have been neglected, abandoned and abused.

Please join us for this bit of midnight madness at Pickering Markets, 1400 Squires Beach Rd. Pickering, Ontario, L1W 4B9 in the early morning of March 10th,  1:00 - 2:00 A.M. and witness for yourself all that is possible when luck meets love!

For information about this release, contact Viive Tamm:  416.418.8016 or  atthekivi(at)



About Golden Rescue™

Since 1990, Golden Rescue has found safe, loving homes for more than 2,500 abandoned, unwanted or displaced Golden Retrievers. Our organization is solely funded by donations and run by more than 500 volunteers across the country and a dedicated volunteer board of directors.

In addition to rescuing Goldens, we pursue every opportunity to educate the public about responsible pet ownership, as well as help other rescue groups.

All of our Goldens, rescued from Ontario, Quebec and overseas go to experienced foster homes where we assess their behaviour and provide all the veterinary care, treatment, rehabilitation, love, and attention they need prior to matching them with their forever family, chosen through a rigorous matching process.

Our ultimate hope is that one day Goldens and pets will not need rescuing, but until that day comes, we will remain steadfast in our resolve to help any Golden in need.