Rescue Mission of Love


Air Canada and Ontario Animal Rescue Group Celebrate Arrival of 100th Golden Retriever ‘Ruffugee’ from Istanbul, Turkey

BARRIE, ON, September 22, 2016 – She survived a fear-filled life on the street, abandonment, an amputation and political unrest in Istanbul, but today she will touch down at Toronto’s Pearson airport and her life will change for the better, forever. Her name is Gidget (pictured) and she is the 100th Turkish ‘ruffugee’ to be saved by Golden Rescue ~ Canada’s largest single-breed rescue organization

Operation Istanbul: Our Rescue Mission of Love Continues

As you all know, we are committed to helping Golden Retrievers by giving them a second chance to live with loving, forever families. We will always continue to help Goldens throughout Canada first and foremost ~ no matter what. Fortunately, we have the necessary resources, golden-hearted volunteers and processes in place to rescue Golden Retrievers worldwide, while consistently fulfilling our commitment to help every single Golden in need in our backyard… wherever that backyard happens to be.


This journey of discovery was profoundly life changing and it affected us at our core as we witnessed first-hand the fate of a Golden Retriever population of approximately 700 that had had been abandoned, forgotten, left on the street or put into shelters, simply because they had fallen out of favour as a status symbol or became casualties of economic decline.