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Wishbone Lottery 2017


Air Canada and Ontario Animal Rescue Group Celebrate Arrival of 100th  Golden Retriever ‘Ruffugee’ from Istanbul, Turkey


BARRIE, ON, September 22, 2016 – She survived a fear-filled life on the street, abandonment, an amputation and political unrest in...

2016 Annual General Meeting – Message from the Chair, Viive Tamm


Golden Rescue would like to share the opening remarks from the Chair delivered at the 2016 Annual General Meeting held on June 23rd in...

Golden Rescue releases 2015 Financial Statements


The 2015 audited Financial Statements for the Canadian Golden Retriever Adoption Service Inc. (Golden Rescue) are available for...

We Step Up When Others Can Not


Having a Golden is a forever commitment...or at least it should be. Our furry family members are not a "filler" until something better...