Counter Surfing

Surfing immediately makes me think back to my childhood dream of being called Gidget and the dreamy world of boogie boards and California beaches. The laid-back lifestyle, bonfires on the beach, and the Big Kahuna were all going to be in my future! Unfortunately the closest I’ve come to it is being a guest speaker in Southern California on counter surfing with Moon-doggy, the family pet!

Anxiety in a Car

There are three points to consider when breaking down the cause of your dog’s anxiety when in a vehicle: 1. The physical ailment 2. The emotional connection 3. The visually or audibly stimulated dog

Lack of Socialization

Dogs who suffer from a lack of socialization can present extreme reactions when forced into situations they are unfamiliar with. Although our hearts go out to any dog that shows obvious signs of fear or panic, it’s hard to be sympathetic when a dog reacts with violence.

Strong Prey Drive

A domesticated dog with a strong prey drive can wreak havoc on your neighbourhood. The fixation on movement and noise is what we classify as a deep routed inherent trait … not a learned behaviour. This is typically seen in, but not limited to, guarding breeds.

Neediness in Dogs

Nobody said parenting was easy and the same goes for parenting your dog. Out of all the bad behaviours, neediness is probably the most annoying to pet owners, particularly when they have guests over. Owners often excuse needy behaviour in their dogs because deep down they know they have been the cause of the behaviour themselves.

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a behavioural problem with various degrees of intensity, yet may sometimes be resolved without the assistance from a professional. Some of the more unfortunate stories have been so incredulous you might find yourself enlightened or frightened by the level of destruction!


To a dog bolting is FREEDOM! Domestic dogs, unlike their predecessors, spend much of their time at home with us with limited chance to explore the outdoors.

Jumping on People

Is your dog a jumper? Is he greeting every unfortunate guest to the house with two front paws to the chest? Imagine coming home from a long day at work and all you really want to do is relax. Unfortunately your faithful yet unruly pet has other ideas and practically tackles you to the floor the moment you enter the door. Sound familiar?

Dominance Aggression

There are a few things to consider before you adopt or purchase a new dog. If you are looking at a larger breed like the Golden Retriever, you need to ask yourself a few questions...