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Thank you to all of those that joined us this year at the 2014 Golden Rescue Pinic!!!

Our 21st Annual Golden Rescue Picnic was held at the beautiful Maplelane Farms in Alliston on Sunday, September 22 thanks to the generosity of owner Sherri Hall. The purpose of the picnic is to celebrate our amazing volunteers and the work they do, socialize with each other and our dogs and have some fun!

The day was a great success - we had over 340 people attend and we had over 120 of our lovely Goldens and a few other four footed friends as well. This was a significant increase in the attendance from the previous year. Even the weather cooperated by giving us a ‘golden day’. It was wonderful to see so many smiling faces (on both dogs and people) and to put the names and the faces together.

Even though the picnic has not traditionally been a major fundraiser for us, and we still have a few loose ends to tie up, I am confident in telling you that we will have raised well over $20,000 when all is said and done. We also got a great start on the sales of our Wishbone Lottery tickets. This was a significant amount of much appreciated money, every penny of which will go to continuing the work of rescuing and finding loving forever homes for the dogs that come into our program.

The day was all about celebrating the dogs, our people and the work we do. It was wonderful to see so many Goldens... all different shapes, sizes, ages and colours playing together and interacting so happily with each other and with all of the people in attendance. A little bit of heaven on earth. Not one serious growl... a testament to the breed and to our people who take their guardianship so seriously.

The most popular activity for the dogs by far was the lovely 3 acre off leash area, although dock diving, the agility activities and the canine games were also well attended. The parade was fun for everyone and the addition of our five incredible Golden Ambassadors (Jake #424, Sadie #1486, Parker #1536, Maggy #1622 and Murphy #1817) and their stories was very well received. One of the traditions of the picnic is the memorial service held to honour the memories of all of our Golden companions who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Instead of the balloon release, we handed out yellow carnations to all of the participants this year in an effort to be more environmentally aware.

This is my opportunity to say a heartfelt thank you to all of the people who helped to make the day happen…in the spirit of Golden Rescue we had over 50 people come forward to volunteer their time – we could not have done it without you. A very special thank you to Liz Wilson who did a phenomenal job of being our Volunteer Coordinator and keeping us all organized – thank you Liz!

And my hat is off to Bonnie Paltsev (our amazing DJ), Jill Stewart (our fantastic MC), Viive Tamm and Kim Walker (coordinating the silent auction), Barb Almeida (heading up the General Store team), Terry Woodrow (hosting the Facebook social and helping to organize the photo contest) and Lou Kirby (photo contest), Janice Smith (parade), John Muszak (sponsorship and silent auction), our awesome caterers – Sue, Brad and Brenda; Sherry Cox (canine games); Debbie Browning and Chablis (dock diving), Catherine Bryden & Tula and Marcia Caplan & Gracie (agility) and Patty Lechten for her time and expertise (Ask the Vet) – you all went so far above and beyond to make the day special for everyone. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

I would be remiss without extending a final thank you to our fantastic sponsors – GoodLife Fitness, Allendale Veterinary Hospital, Mattheis Financial Group, Mary R DiSalvo Financial Services, Gail and Sinclair Harrison and Sherri Hall and Maplelane Farms. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

If you would like to see a marvelous slide show that captures the essence of the day, please scroll down and click on the YouTube link at the bottom of this letter.  Thank you to photographer Steven Crawford for putting this magical slideshow together for us. I have watched it a dozen times and laughed and cried each time. If you were able to be there with us this year, I know you will love it. If you were not able to join us this year, I hope it inspires you to come next year. We would love to see you.

As always, if you have any comments or feedback as to what you liked or how you think we could make the event even better next year, I would love to hear from you. Please send your comments to picnic(at)

Hope to see you next year.

Kind regards

Jane Riddell (Picnic Chair)