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#2536 Dasher

On Dasher! Hey, I am named after Santa's lead reindeer - so I am kinda a big deal at Christmas. I recently celebrated my first year in Canada with my new family. This is my story and it's about second chances, love, healing and the Golden spirit.
I was living a sad, lonely, hard life on the streets of Istanbul. A Christmas miracle happened and one day I was given a second chance at life in Canada, thanks to Golden RescueAs you can see I clean up very nicely. When I first arrived I had: fleas, 8 broken teeth, a skin infection and was underweight. My eyes looked sad and I didn't understand English. I came with good house manners though. My new human mom would lie on the floor beside me at night when I got scared and anxious. I was nervous of other dogs. However, things turned around pretty quickly! I went to Dog School and aced it, even though I didn't understand the language. With the daily love from my new family and my Vet- my health improved and I started to come out of my shell. Wow: a cushy bed, a backyard, daily walks, toys and a Kong with peanut butter inside. I even got fed twice a day. I sure do love it here! That is until squirrels show up and it's game over... Merry Christmas from Dasher!