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#2526 - Sugar Plum

Dear Golden Rescue:

I am typing this letter to thank you for rescuing me and all my friends from Istanbul and bringing us to where I now understand is a place called Canada. I wasn’t sure what was going on at first when we were loaded into crates and then onto a big stick-shaped metal flying thing but I kept the faith that my Istanbul friends would not let us down. Once they put that good-luck charm necklace around my neck, I knew we were in for an adventure (I’m sorry I chewed off one of the charms but I got a bit hungry). When we were finally let out of our crates in Toronto, I could feel the excitement and an overwhelming rush of love as well as new sights, sounds, and smells. Some new folks led me outside where I was very thankful to have a pee. They said lots of things to me in a language I couldn’t understand but their tone of voice was nice so I wasn’t afraid. After a brief walk and some group photos with my friends, I was packed into a car and off again…I wasn’t sure to where but I was so tired I just closed my eyes and rested my head in the lap of a caring woman who I later learned was to be a member of my new pack of humans. We entered a strange house and I was given something to eat…not sure what it was because I ate so fast I couldn’t taste it. I was led around the house and met some more humans who petted me a lot and spoke in soft voices…I think they liked me. I just wanted to sleep even though there was so much more to explore. Over the next few days and weeks, I started to learn their language. I now know what they mean when they say ‘sit’ and I hear the word ‘Sugar’ a lot when they first address me so I’m guessing that’s my new name. Once in a while I hear the word ‘no’ said in a very stern voice so I suppose that means I should stop what I’m doing. I hear ‘good girl’ once I do that. I’ve also learned they don’t like me to pee on rugs in the house but they are very willing to open the side door anytime so I can go outside. Rules, rules, rules…! There is a fenced yard with lots of trees in the back so I’ve decided to help them re-landscape a bit by re-arranging some sticks around the yard to pump-up the feng shui. I also bark when the paperboy delivers the newspaper but no one seems to want to read at four in the morning…oh well, my job is done. The other thing I like to do is take my humans for a walk…they can almost keep up with me on our jaunts around the neighborhood and into the woods. There are some strange skinny looking creatures with fluffy tails that run around collecting nuts. I think part of my job is to keep them out of the yard so I make regular patrols and proudly stand guard on the deck that overlooks my new domain. Sometimes I get rewarded with tasty treats. I’ve also trained the humans to scratch my tummy by simply rolling onto my back and looking sideways out of my eyes. I can get my ears scratched too by placing my head onto someone’s lap and opening my eyes really big. Once I got put into a tub full of water. It was fun and I smelled nice when I was done. My skin felt better too. I felt obliged to reciprocate the treatment so I licked their faces and hands as much as possible. I’m also allowed on some of the furniture and my favorite spot is in the young lad’s bed where I can really sprawl out comfortably. In other areas, I have my own soft comfy sleeping pads where I store my very own chew toys. These sleeping pads also come in handy after hours of playing chase with one of my favourite humans ~ she is little, just about my size, and visits a couple of times a week. So, in summary, I am grateful for my new home and I love my new pack. They have accepted me without question and I do my best to love them back. Now, just one question. Although I like this cold, fluffy, white stuff…will it ever warm up? Thank you again! Love, Sugar Plum