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#2311 - Zeus

Zeus settled in almost immediately to Canadian life after arriving from Istanbul. He was pretty thin and had a number of battle scars but they healed quickly and he’s gaining weight nicely. He has not only fallen in love with us…he also adores his new older sister, Abby, and the two of them are inseparable. They go to the cottage every weekend and run and play together. Zeus is even learning to swim. He used to worry when we left him alone but now he knows we always come back so he doesn’t fret anymore. Zeus attended obedience classes and was a superstar. There was a feeling that he tricked us all ~ his teacher thinks he learned a thing or two in Istanbul before he lived on the street. He is very happy boy who even wags his tail in his sleep. He always has lots of energy and we think he’s part bouncy-ball. We couldn’t be happier that Zeus joined our family.   

Samantha & Matt