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#0326 – Sydney

At 1 P.M. on November 14, 2007 our Beautiful Boy, Sydney, Rescue 326, crossed the Rainbow Bridge at the age of 8 years 5 months and 2 days, and was suddenly gone, like “Sna’ aff a dyke”. We stayed with him throughout that last long night, held him close, gently massaged him, and whispered about going for car rides and walks in his favourite parks. He fought bravely but it was an unequal struggle with cancer, and the call of the Bridge was too strong. We have a great void in our lives, but were honoured and privileged to have shared time with him, and have wonderful memories, photos and movies to warm our hearts. We enjoyed every moment together and always tried to make each day of our all-too-brief 5 years and 3 months more special than the last. Our happiest times were our car rides – we didn’t need a destination, the journey was the important part. Head out a rear window, barking, tail wagging non-stop and bouncing between the left and right side depending on the particular attraction at any given moment. Complete joy. He is resting now, with a favourite stuffed bear, next to his painting and paw print in the family room, where we spend most of our time at home. Rest well, our Beautiful Boy, you taught us so much and filled our days with happiness. You live forever in our hearts. Mum and Dad (Wanda and Sandy)