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Senior Tails ~ Piper #1322 & Gaby #1579

We have enjoyed many love affairs with golden oldies.  Initially entering our home as a foster, a number of senior goldens stole our hearts and we adopted them relishing every moment of whatever time they had remaining.  In some cases it was thought to be weeks, which fortunately turned into months and sometimes years.



Currently Piper (aged sweet sixteen) and Gaby (a young fourteen year old) grace our lives.  Piper, born on July 4th continues to be a real fire cracker.  Full of joy and play, albeit at a slightly reduced rate but she still retains full volume on the bark scale.  Gaby is a little more aloof and sedately waddles through life.   She has been on a constant diet (much to her chagrin), originally coming into the program about 20lbs overweight but we can now at least see her waist and feel her ribs.  Piper and Gaby have been together for over four years so understand each other well.  Piper knows the roll of Gaby’s eyes means “I don’t want to play” or “you can’t have the toy”.  So Piper will just go off by herself and have a quick romp and roll in the garden. 


There is certainly life in our two .......................................

Barbara & John