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Sandy's Saga

Sandy's Saga- A heartwarming story of a Forever Foster

Sweet and stunning Sandy #1688 came to Golden Rescue in February 2012 at the young age of 2.5 years. She was owner surrendered and had lived with several other dogs but the home-life situation had changed and we were contacted to take her in. On a routine vet check, it was found that Sandy had a pronounced heart murmur so Golden Rescue, being thorough, consulted a veterinary cardiologist. To our dismay, Sandy was diagnosed with a severe congenital heart condition that has already, in her few short years, caused stress and enlargement to her heart. Cardiac surgery was considered; however, her longevity would not be guaranteed and there would be a distinct possibility of losing her during surgery. It was decided by Golden Rescue and her attending vet to let Sandy live out her limited lifespan as a happy pup. Sandy’s energy level is indicative of her malady ~ a burst of energy followed by a nap! Being an ‘assistant gardener’ is one of her favourite pastimes...licking up water from a freshly doused plant, motoring from plant to plant, and retiring to the shade to supervise the ongoings. Her happily plumed tail arched up over her back confirms that everything she is experiencing is superlative in her eyes! Birds are an endless fascination! ‘Sandylion’ (as she has been dubbed because of her generous eyebrows and eyelashes) can only endure short walks (half of what her senior foster sister does) but she eagerly anticipates these outings and lavishes the attention of passersby. She assists whoever is on the computer by keeping them company under the desk...usually sleeping!   Sandy lives with Phil, the cat (yes...the same cat). Sandy and Jewel are long-term foster sisters and they are cautiously becoming friends and engaging in play. Sometimes Phil sits higher than Sandy and bats her nose, with Sandy retaliating by coming back for more! Sandy and Jewel are becoming fast friends on car rides with Sandy stepping on, sitting on, and lying on Jewel in her side-to-side search for a window seat! We, at Golden Rescue, are realists of Sandy’s prognosis...she will be with us for a good time ~ not a long time. We will endeavour to make each of her remaining days happy and content in the embrace of her foster family and through the generosity of our donors.