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Jewel's Journey

 Jewel’s Journey  - A heartwarming story of a Forever Foster

Jewel #1591 is aptly named – she is a true gem! She came to Golden Rescue in June of 2011... a senior gal about to be euthanized. Her family did not have time for her any longer and her skin condition was unmanaged ~ we were her only hope. Through the dedication of her committed fosters and her skilled team of veterinarians, Jewel is enjoying her retirement under the wing of Golden Rescue. Jewel does not travel lightly! She has been and continues to be on copious amounts of medication to keep her skin lesions at bay and with the diligent bathing every few days by her foster parents, Jewel is a ‘high maintenance’ lady! Her pleasures in life are sweet and simple ~ lengthy rolls in the grass, sleeping peacefully in the sun after a walk, and surveying her kingdom from the front porch in the evenings, accounting for every bird and bug. In her senior years, Jewel saunters, versus walks, for 45 minutes twice a day and will even engage in a game of fetch but only for two or three throws...she then turns it to a game of ‘keep away’. Her favourite destination is the woods, where she will have a ‘puppy spurt’ and run with the wind through her fur, believing she is at warp speed while the tune to Chariots of Fire plays in our head because we with two legs can out run her! Please do not tell her she is not marathon material ~ she is a legend in her own mind! Car rides are a cherished pastime for Jewel...always willing for a little boost to get in. Jewel is a professional socialite, giving ‘the paw’ for attention if your two hands are idle while meeting and greeting guests or on her sojourns. Jewel’s story would not be complete without her duvet details! She has her own pink/burgundy duvet which is her pacifier ~ she will not sleep without it! She stands on her bed until it is placed, then patiently waits to be wrapped in it…zzzzzz! If slightly stressed, she carries the duvet until the concern passes or is rectified. Phil, the cat, has won Jewel over and can be seen grooming her eyebrows or finishing drying her after bath time if he feels the humans have not done an adequate job! After an exhausting primping session Jewel and Phil curl up for a nap together. I have had the pleasure of babysitting this grand old dame for several weeks while her foster family were on holiday – she is an absolute delight. My hat’s off to her fosters, Hillary and Jim Alton, who for the ‘love of Jewel manage her meds and bathing regime, which would humble any foster. Without Hillary and Jim, Golden Rescue, and the support of our generous donors, Jewel would not be enjoying her peaceful sunset years and celebrating her 12th birthday this September.