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Fiona ~ Istanbul Rescue #2264

Hi, I am Golden Rescue #2264 or Dorothy Lamour but my Foster to Adopt family are calling me Fiona, which is all very confusing for me. Just over a week ago I was in Istanbul where the weather is a bit warmer. I got put in a crate and taken to the airport. A bunch of us in crates then got put onto a pallet and loaded in a plane. Do you realize how long a 11 hour flight is when you are in a crate! Then the plane lands and a bunch of people are checking us out to see if we are healthy and our papers are in order. We then get loaded into cars and off to a hotel at 2 am. They wake us early and load us back into cars, then another bunch of people are checking us out and our papers again. I then get transferred to another car and taken out to a farm. At this point I am jet lagged, everything is 7 hours late as far as I am concerned, the food is different, the water smells different, the ground is cold and smells funny and I do not understand a thing these people are saying. I get put into a room and given a small meal and some water, at this point I will eat anything, even if it is different. I know there are more dogs in this house as I can hear and smell them but I am left alone to recover from the jet lag, except for this crazy cat that keeps on rubbing up against me! I get taken out alone to relieve myself and someone is in the room with me inside but they are ignoring me. Eventually I climb onto the couch, lie down beside this guy who I cannot understand what he is saying and demand some proper dog attention! The second day at the farm I am feeling way less jet lagged and more like my normal bouncy self. They let me loose in a fenced yard , which is still too cold as far as I am concerned, then they start bringing out dogs on leashes to introduce me. It takes a bit of time but everyone I could smell I can now recognize by sight. Good thing the foster family gave me some time to recover from the jet lag before the introduction because I would not of been ready to meet anyone the way I felt the first day here. Now I am just following everyone else around, the people say something, did I mention I do not understand a thing they are saying, we all go outside then I follow everyone back inside. I am still being fed away from everyone else and being left in a room by myself when the people leave but I do have a comfy couch to sleep on all by myself, except for this crazy cat that is still rubbing up against me! This has been a hectic and confusing few days for me, but I am settling down now. This foreign food has not upset my stomach like everyone said it might and I have other dogs to follow around, now if I can figure out what these people are saying I will be a very happy girl.