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Adoption Alert ~ Scotch #2582 - Adopted!!

Hi everyone ~ my name is Scotch.  Yes that’s right…just like the whiskey.  I think I was named that because I’m kind of whiskey coloured and I can be a little daft at times…just like people after they’ve had a few too many (haha).  I’m 2.5 years old and my amazing foster mom described me like this: “Scotch is the most beautiful boy with the softest coat and soulful eyes.  He has big, adorable, cartoon-like paws and he prances around like a show dog.  If there was a beauty contest for Goldens, Scotch would surely win”.  (Aw shucks…and because I’m ‘scotch’ coloured, you can’t see me blushing!)  I love everyone I meet including all dogs and I’m even okay with cats.  My biggest failing is a thing called ‘separation anxiety’.  I don’t like being left alone ~ and I really don’t like it.  I’m working on it but it’s my tragic flaw.  On the other hand, I’m okay with my crate.  In fact, I quite like it and will go into it on my own for a nap at times.  But I hate having to go in the crate if it means being left alone.  Other than that, I’m actually learning my commands pretty well and apart from being too excited when it’s walkie time (I jump up and am a bit of a wiggle worm), I’m good on the leash once the walk begins.  I am told I’m very sweet, affectionate, and smart and when I’m calm, I get a big gold stars in the behaviour department.  But when I get anxious…not so much.  The only time I bark is when I am left alone.  The rest of the time I’m quiet and respectful.  Loud noises don’t bother me and I am gentle with treats; however, I do beg at the dinner table as that is where I used to get fed.  I’m working on breaking that habit but that is a work-in-progress.  I love my car rides, running, playing fetch, playing with other dogs, and of course my walkies…and I’m even good with recall.  The doc said I have a heart murmur that we need to keep an eye on but it sure doesn’t affect my energy level.  I can run like the wind.  Well that’s about all I can tell you about myself.  I really hope you will consider me to join your family.  I promise to love you forever and I will continue working on that separation anxiety thing…promise.

Scotch is currently being fostered in the Ottawa, ON area. If you would like more information about Scotch please call our hot-line toll free at 1-866-712-8444 or email adoption(at) and one of our volunteers will be happy to return your call.

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