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Adoption Alert ~ Oakley #2687 & Sadie #2688

Hi everyone…my name is Oakley and I’m six years old.  This is my sister Sadie who is seven years old.  Now you can see that Sadie is a Golden-wannabe and I keep telling her “you can wannabe all you want but you will never be a Golden ~ you’re way too short” but Sadie says height is not a number, it is a state of mind.  Our owner sadly passed away recently and the good folks at GR took us in.  It was a little tense when we were first interviewed for the program.  I kept saying to Sadie, “think tall…think tall”.  Well, it must have worked because both of us got in.  That is such a good thing as we grew up together and have never been apart.  When we first arrived at GR’s door, we were not very pretty.  We were unkempt and beleaguered looking but “baby look at us now”.  Everyone, including our amazing foster family, has been so kind to us and Sadie and I are so grateful for all your help.  Now I know it’s a lot to ask to take us both in but we will try really hard not to be any trouble.  Neither one of us are big barkers.  We are fine with loud noises and we know you have to leave us at home alone from time to time and that’s okay (except that I have a little separation anxiety if Sadie’s not around).  We love everybody ~ big people, little people, other dogs…everyone!  We both know our commands and are both pros on the leash.  The only issue I can think of is that Sadie doesn’t love the car.  She finds it hard to settle and whimpers a lot.  Having said that, she will travel in the car if she has to.  I just keep telling her to “suck it up”.  We are both loving and affectionate, know our commands, and don’t need much ~ a little food, a little love, and a little space…and remember, Sadie needs far less space than me!

Oakley and Sadie are currently being fostered in the Caledon, ON area. If you would like more information about Oakley and Sadie please call our hot-line toll free at 1-866-712-8444 or email adoption(at) and one of our volunteers will be happy to return your call.

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