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Adoption Alert ~ Jesse #2478 - Adoption Pending

Hi everyone my name is Jesse and I’m seven years old.  I’m told I’m a calm, cool, good-natured boy who would fit into any family well and I think that’s true.  I sure do love my foster family right now and they are SO good to me.  I do have a few issues the biggest being that I sometimes get seizures.  I have always had this problem but recently I’m on this medication that really seems to keep them under good control.  The only problem is that the meds cost $150 bones a month.  I know…I know ~ I sure wish that wasn’t the case but I’ve been so much better since being on them.  I also have a bit of arthritis in my elbows ~ that really doesn’t stop me from doing anything.  I can go up and down stairs, jump into the car, and go for long walks.  The only thing is if I run too much, I start to limp, but a good brisk long walk is no problem.  I also dream a lot and can moan in my sleep.  If you wake me too quickly I can get startled and snappy but if you leave me alone or wake me with a gentle tone of your voice, I’m totally fine.  I also don’t like getting my hair pulled when I get brushed although I love getting brushed.  You just have to careful not to pull my skin.  Holy cow, this sounds like a lot of stuff but I’m actually easy-going and easy to be around, but it sure doesn’t sound like it, does it?  Oh well I have to be open and honest and tell you all about me ~ the good, the bad, and the ugly!  But hey, there is nothing ugly about me, in fact I’m told I am a pretty good-looking dude.  Some even have called me a heart breaker…aw shucks!  So, maybe I should balance the above with good stuff ~ I love every human I meet and I love every dog I meet.  I’m not a big barker and I can be left alone as you go about your chores. Loud noises don’t bother me and I know my commands well.  I’m not even bad on the leash.  I might start out a bit too enthusiastically but I settle into a decent heel after a while.  I used to be a bit grabby with treats but I’ve learned that being gentle is better.  I love my food and unfortunately I also love doggie doo-doo ~ don’t ask me why…it’s not like I don’t get good meals at home!  My amazing foster mom is trying to train me out of that bad habit by giving me treats on my walks instead ~ gotta keep working on that one!  I know my medical stuff is a lot to take in and I sure hate the idea of the cost and I totally understand if it’s all too much for you.  All I can say is that if you give me a chance, I will show my appreciation, love, and loyalty every single day…Scout’s honour.

Jesse is currently being fostered in the Toronto, ON area. If you would like more information about Jesse please call our hot-line toll free at 1-866-712-8444 or email adoption(at) and one of our volunteers will be happy to return your call.

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