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Adoption Alert ~ Buddy #2594 - Adoption in Progress

Hi everyone…my name is Buddy and I’m six years old.  My foster family have nicknamed me “Hairball” ~ I can’t even imagine why (heehee)!  Now here’s the thing with me.  I love all people.  I am loving, gentle, obedient, happy, and I particularly love kids!  But other dogs ~ not so much!  When I am on the leash and see another dog I lunge and get nervous and growly.  Once I get to know them, I’m okay but the initial encounter is not good.  My other ‘issue’ is separation anxiety.  I just don’t like being alone.  I’m not destructive, so at least that’s good…I just howl and whimper (and might even counter surf).  I am telling you my two foibles up front because I don’t want to hide anything.  If you decide to welcome me to your family, I want you to know all the facts first.  Phew, now that that’s out in the open, let me tell you the rest of my story.  As I said, I love every single human being on this earth.  I love my life.  I love being petted and you can touch me anywhere.  I love being brushed.  I love car rides.  I love swimming.  I love my walks.  I love running.  I love my food but I’m not greedy.  I don’t have a high prey drive.  I pretty much ignore squirrels and other critters.  I am gentle with my treats.  Loud noises don’t bother me.  I am pretty well trained and even the leash thing is pretty good unless I see another dog, as you know.  I am told I’m a pretty handsome dude.  I could lose a pound or two but I love exercise so if you do as well, those pounds will melt off me.  I am very healthy except for an allergy to pollen but Benedryl seems to fix that nicely.  Maybe in time, when I find a loving home and consistency, this other dog thing and my separation anxiety might lessen but for now I have to face the fact that I am what I am.  I am so sorry about those two things because I do live to love and please but I just haven’t figured out those yet.  No one’s perfect, right? Well as the Beatles say, All You Need Is Love’ and I have a ton of that.  Do you?

Buddy is currently being fostered in the Kanata, ON area. If you would like more information about Buddy please call our hot-line toll free at 1-866-712-8444 or email adoption(at) and one of our volunteers will be happy to return your call.

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