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Adoption Alert ~ Bobby #2565 and Dash #2566 - Adopted!!!

Hi everybody…my name is Dash and this is my baby brother Bobby.  There are lots of famous brothers in the world like Jeff & Beau, Will & Harry, Luke & Owen, Ben & Casey, and Liam & Chris.  Now they can add us to the list ~ Bobby and Dash!  I was going to say that I’m the tall, handsome one but we look alike and we’re both the same size.  Bobby is a tad darker than me and we’re both 4.5 years old.  We’ve been together all our lives and recently we’ve come into the care of Golden Rescue.  We love everyone we’ve met in our new life, particularly our fantastic foster family.  Bobby and I are big boys.  We’re not overweight…just big.  We both weigh around 95 pounds and someone called us ‘gentle giants’.  Both of us love cuddling and affection as much as we love exercise.  We are both healthy but we did contract Lyme disease which has been successfully treated.  If it ever comes back we will need some antibiotics but the doc said it’s not a huge hairy deal as it’s treatable if it ever resurfaces.  We are pretty well mannered and we know all our commands.  We’re actually even good on the leash (pssst…I’m a little better than Bobby).  He can get a bit jealous of me if I’m getting more attention than him but we work it out easily between ourselves so don’t worry.  Neither of us are big barkers and loud noises don’t bother us.  We are used to being left alone if you have to go out and we are respectful of your things.  We are very gentle with our toys and treats and we both love the car.  And it probably goes without saying that we love our walkies and running.  Our foster family has been so kind and generous to us and they recently told us that we are about to find our forever family.  Thank you everyone for helping us so much through this transition in our lives.  When we find our forever family, we promise to show our gratitude every single day.

Bobby and Dash are currently being fostered in the Thorold, ON area. If you would like more information about Bobby and Dash please call our hot-line toll free at 1-866-712-8444 or email adoption(at) and one of our volunteers will be happy to return your call.

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