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Adoption Alert ~ Amicus #2762 - Adopted!!

It is heartwarming to have received so much interest in Amicus; however, we are no longer accepting inquiries for Amicus as we are having trouble responding to everyone.  Thank you again for considering!

Hi everybody…my name is Amicus but you can call me Ami, everybody does.  I’m a five-year-old boy and I was just told by my amazing foster dad that I got 100% on my behaviour evaluation.  I guess the amazing people at Golden Rescue bring in new Goldens to the program and look after them, get them healthy, and then try to figure out their personality and foibles.  How wonderful are they for doing all that…right?  Well, it appears I have been a pretty good guest.  They say I’m happy, friendly, gentle, loving, and smart.  Holy cow ~ is that ever a bunch of good things.  You can’t see me but I’m blushing now right through my fur.  I must admit I do love everybody…and I mean everybody ~ all people young and old, all dogs big or small, all cats grumpy or nice, and I even love the mailman (teehee).  I’m not a big barker in fact I usually only bark to let you know there is someone at the door.  I don’t mind loud noises although I do tend to leave the room when the vacuum is on but who likes that noise?  I am very gentle with my treats, I know my commands, and I have no problem being left alone when you have go out without me.  Now I would suggest you don’t leave your socks lying around because I like to chew them just like I love my chew toys.  Speaking of toys, I love to play.  I have chew toys, pull toys, chase-and-fetch toys, and my beloved kong when it’s full of treats.  I’m getting used to the car but I haven’t had much experience with it so I shake a little when I first get in but then I settle.  My foster dad is sure that will all get better with time ~ it’s just that the car is new to me.  I do have an ear infection at the moment but I’m responding to treatment so I’m sure that will be cleared up soon.  Other than that, I am healthy and strong.  In fact, I am Spartacus!  Okay, okay, I’m actually Amicus but I do love that movie (teehee)!

Amicus is currently being fostered in the Peterborough, ON area. If you would like more information about Amicus please call our hot-line toll free at 1-866-712-8444 or email adoption(at) and one of our volunteers will be happy to return your call.

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