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Adoption Alert ~ Aidan #2550 & Aisling #2551 - Adopted!!

Hi, my name is Aidan and this is my partner-in-crime, Aisling.  I am writing this because Aisling is a bit of a hair brain and can't sit still long enough to do much of anything.  We have been in Canada for two weeks, we are both around two years old, and there are two of us!  We are not brother and sister but we are bonded.  And we couldn’t be more different, but opposites attract, right?  Firstly, I am a boy and Aisling is a girl.  I am your typical calm, playful, goofy Golden who learns quickly so you could say I am the brains of the outfit.  Aisling has lots of energy, likes to chew, and loves chasing squirrels and birds so she’s the brawn.  Even though we’re opposites, there are many things we share.  What, you ask?  Neither of us barks much and we both come when we are called.  We also know other basic commands such as ‘stop’, ‘leave it’, ‘sit’, ‘off’, and ‘stay’.  We both walk well on leash but sometimes need to be reminded.  We both love dogs and cats…and kids are the best!  And best of all, we love playing together.  But like many siblings, we also have our moments when we don’t get along but we know how to shake it off.  I have better house manners than Aisling and, as a result, she gets us into trouble as no one knows that it was she who messed up the house and destroyed the shoe...not me!  We need a home where we can stay together and get lots of exercise.  We’re going to need quite a bit of training (well really it's just Aisling who needs the training…haha) so a family who is home more often than not would be best for us.  We will love you to bits so we hope you’ll take a chance on us.  We promise we’ll be worth it!

Aidan and Aisling are currently being fostered in the Brantford, ON area. If you would like more information about Aidan and Aisling please call our hot-line toll free at 1-866-712-8444 or email adoption(at) and one of our volunteers will be happy to return your call.

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