Placing a Golden in our Care

  • Do you have a medical condition (i.e. allergies or extended illness) that precludes you from giving your dog the care it deserves?
  • Are you relocating and unable to take your dog along?
  • Is there a divorce or a changing family situation that prevents you from caring for your pet as you once did?
  • The cute 16 pound puppy is now an 80 pound demolition squad and you can't cope!
  • A well meaning person gave you a 'live gift' that you weren't expecting.
  • You made an impulsive purchase at the pet store ~ now hard reality has set in.
  • There is no longer any time for your Golden because your job situation or schedule has changed.

If you have determined that you no longer can care for your Golden friend, please call us. We would be glad to speak with you, and if need be, assist in finding a more suitable home for your Golden. Please complete the application form below. We carefully screen all incoming dogs for socially acceptable behaviour and approve those whom we feel we can responsibly place. We provide spay/neuter service, micro-chipping, and all the necessary veterinary care required to place them in their Forever Homes.

We provide public education by means of brochures, an informative and entertaining newsletter, public/media appearances, and canine educational events, which focus on responsible pet ownership and in particular, the Golden Retriever breed.

Intake Application