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When the Call Comes...We Rescue

It’s 7 a.m. and the Golden Rescue hotline lights up and the caller at the other end is distraught, sobbing, barely able to say the words, “I have to give up my Golden.” We learn that the caller is ill; her husband has passed away; she’s alone and her three-year-old Golden needs a different kind of life ~ a better life than she can provide. It’s the painful, unbearable truth.

When we rescue Goldens, we do it for 'the better' ~ the chance for a better life, free from abuse, neglect, abandonment, fear, illness or isolation. The caller’s Golden was one of the lucky ones ~ well cared for and surrendered only because of circumstance, by a caring owner who did the right thing. Others are not so fortunate...

Bentley #2302 has been returned to Golden Rescue twice. He’s beautiful, smart, loveable, and tries ever so hard to please. It’s hard to believe that he was once so poorly cared for and neglected ~ treatment that has left him with some emotional scars. His unfortunate past has taught him to be protective of his space, his food and his body so he needlessly lives in his own fearful world. His rehabilitation has had more to do with emotional support than physical and through the dedicated work of one of Golden Rescue’s highly valued behaviourists, Bentley is learning to trust again ~ improving slowly, day by day. We won’t give up on Bentley until he has found his 'better' life ~ with a forever family filled with emotional nourishment and love.



Merlin #2286 was hit by a car outside of Istanbul ~ twice. Magically, as his name would suggest, he survived, but his quality of life was not good. Shelter volunteers in Istanbul felt that Merlin would recover better in Canada where he could receive world-class veterinary care, and so today, he lives in Ontario with his 'golden angel' mom who says Merlin is curious, full of wonder, and more active than any pup she has ever had. Golden Rescue funded his surgery to remove his non-functioning leg and with hydrotherapy he is building stamina to ensure his good legs remain strong. Merlin is also blind in one eye, but it’s obvious that he clearly sees and knows that he has found his 'better'.



We have more than 2,300 stories like these and this number is forever increasing. We are funded solely by donations and now, more than ever, we need your help to give a Golden a second chance to know what ‘better’ feels like. Better is a warm bed, a loving family, proper veterinary care, running in an open field, nutritious food, and a gentle touch. Better is YOU!

Please donate today. With one click you can make 'better' possible OR download a donation form here. Your generous donation goes entirely toward our rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming efforts and you can choose to donate to our General Fund or Operation Istanbul. Our sweethearts Bentley and Merlin say, 'Thank you.'