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We Step Up When Others Can Not

Having a Golden is a forever commitment…or at least it should be. Our furry family members are not a ‘filler’ until something better comes along. They are not an ‘after thought’ when life gets hectic. They are not something you ‘try for a while’. So when we hear about a Golden abandoned at the side of a highway, disoriented and alone, we know that someone has given up in the most heartless way imaginable…and it’s time for Golden Rescue to step up and find him a safe and loving place to call home.

Goldens come into our program for a variety of reasons ~ some are unthinkably discarded, others are mistreated, and some are surrendered because their families fall on hard times or unfortunate circumstances. Golden Rescue stepped up when Winny came into our program because of a serious family illness. Winny was six years old and it was a painful process for her owners to part with their cherished family member, but because of their ultimate act of kindness, Winny is now loving her new life on a farm, playing with a goat who has become her best friend.

Then there are others like Luka ~ a gentle, lovable, 11-year-old who was surrendered because his human family was expanding with more children. Sadly, Luka was neglected and forced to leave all that was familiar because there was no time for him. We stepped up and welcomed Luka with an open heart and a promise to find him a second chance at ‘forever’. And, it’s not always easy to place a senior Golden.

Louie had a bad past and he has been adopted and returned. He is a nervous boy, mistreated as a puppy. He learned to fear touch. When handled in a way that triggers memories of his unfortunate past, he reacts the only way he knows how, in order to protect himself. He is now happily with his forever family because we never gave up on him.

Our Goldens will always have a home because rescue is forever and our mission is to provide every Golden in our care, like Winny, Luka, and Louie, with a second chance at a better life. Your generous donation goes entirely toward our rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming efforts! Thank you for your generosity and golden heart!

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